Toys and Art for Kids

Every parents hopes their children grow up to be successful, well adjusted, happy members of society. For that to happen, the works starts from the day they are born. Many of us have heard of the positive effects of having babies listen to classical music, especially Mozart (known as the Mozart Effect). By exposing someone to this type of music, their short term memory slightly improves.

Likewise, exposing your kids to creative toys, art, and music can help them learn better and be more creative which will do wonders when they grow up. Now, we’re not talking about the latest toy fads like those expensive season 3 figures from Shopkins with their full list of Shopkins toys. No, we’re talking about toys that engage their minds and makes them use their imagination.

Although toys have become a lot more sophisticated, many of them take out the creativity part. Everything is handed to the child. Instead of a blank canvas for them to draw, you have pre-made drawings where all they do is color it.

This isn’t to say letting them play with toys is bad because toys are a great tool to help them become smarter. Kids love toys and if you can find a way to have them play with toys in a creative way, it will help their mind develop better.

To help train the brain, one great thing you can do not just for your kids but for you as well is to learn how to play an instrument. There have been studies showing the effectiveness on brain functions when learning an instrument is introduced. Surprisingly, those brain training games you see advertised online don’t actually do anything in terms of making you smarter.

Going back to the subject of toys, there are some toys that are great such as those Leap Frog toys. Other ways to engage your kids is to have them play with various puzzles, toys that make them think a bit, use a bit of logic to make things work. Even Lego is great since they can create all sorts of things with it.

On second thought, forget what you just read. Really, when it comes down to toys for kids, anything can help them be more creative if they want to be more creative. They can use their imagination and have fun with just a spoon let alone a toy designed to entertain them. Probably the most important thing to do is to give them confidence and help them build self esteem.

When they are able to believe they can be successful, they’ll put in the necessary effort and just by doing that, they will automatically achieve more. Most of being a successful person is really just about following through.

How do you do this? Spend more time with them, encourage them, give them positive reinforcement. It’s fine to buy them toys but don’t just stick them in front of some toys and leave. Using the word, “No”, less will help as well. Don’t limit them.

Meaningful Art Can Be Found Everywhere

Art isn’t just found in museums or books, it can literally be found everywhere. Since art is subjective, anything can be viewed as art. Art doesn’t even have to be in picture form. You can have meaningful tattoo quotes be seen as art as well. Check these ones out.

Anything one finds beautiful can be art, although, art doesn’t have to be beautiful.

Art can be found in anything such as the clouds, the sand, the waves, nicely stacked boxes, the reflection of the ceiling light off of a spoon, a sleeping child, or even the back of your hand.

If you want to find inspiration, you don’t need to climb to the top of Mount Everest or go anywhere exotic, although it can often help. Inspiration can come from something you can see from where you are currently sitting.

A simple line or circle can be transformed into a masterpiece if your mind can see beyond the obvious.

Art doesn’t even have to be something you can see, it can also be something you feel. Music can be art. The beauty in art and why people are drawn to it is because experiencing a piece of art makes them feel something.

When you look at a masterpiece, you don’t just see what’s on the canvas, you feel it. Whatever the artist was trying to convey can be transferred into you.

Have you ever seen a painting or just something in nature that brought a tear to your eye or made you gasp? How about giving you a feeling of nostalgia or peace? How does the famous Starry Night make you feel?

Since a work of art can be interpreted in so many ways, some have said what you see and feel isn’t from the artwork itself but from what’s already inside you and that art is just a tool to extract those feelings out of you.

If art is something that elicits a feeling, then the ultimate form of art is life itself. Life is art.

Think of the ups and downs we all go through, the good and bad, the beautiful and the ugly moments. It’s a roller coaster of emotions wrapped into a neat little package and presented to us on the day we take our first breath of air. It’s only when we are done taking it all in do we run out of life, when we no longer appreciate what life is made of.

We don’t need to be dead to run out of life, we merely need to stop living and experiencing it.

Meaning can be found in any thing, place, event, or person. Art can be found in every thing, place, event, or person. You only need to look for it.

Is Art in the Eye of the Beholder?

Is art really in the eye of the beholder? Art is a perception, an idea, an opinion. Like any opinion, it’s influenced by one’s surroundings, their upbringing, their role models. One’s perception about things is, for the most part, learned.

Therefore, is art something a person interprets or is it a manifestation of what they have been taught and what they have experienced?

Does it really matter?

When you see a piece of art, you’ll either like it or you won’t, right? Perhaps your like or dislike is heavily influenced by who you are which is largely influence by your surroundings.

Does a baby see art and know what it is? Can he or she like or dislike it? Perhaps the baby learned from experience to like the color red and will therefore be more drawn to artwork that has red in it.

When you like a piece of artwork, is it really you who likes it or what you’ve been taught to like?

Let’s not over think it. If a piece causes you to ponder, to feel something, to perhaps raise an eyebrow, then it has caught your attention and maybe that’s what makes it art. Without eyes seeing and appreciating it, the work might as well not exist.